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Analysis: With attention to detail, we identify--through our analysis--

potential vulnerabilities associated with your platform, and view them as

opportunities for improvement, always aiming at attaining the desired

levels of reliability.

Actions: For issues related to high availability, we tailor your solution

to fit your needs, taking into account feasibility concerns. For issues

related to improving response time of your Oracle databases, we use best-

of-breed approaches to design and implement solutions that improve

performance to the desired levels of efficiency. Do you need to evaluate

aspects related to how your business processes are implemented? In that

case, we collect metrics and produce reports that show potential critical

points that might need your attention and require re-engineering.

Return on Effort: Diminishing of out-of-service windows of time. Design-

driven load balancing. Evidence-based improvement (through metrics)  of

business productivity. Improvement of systems' availability.

Our Approach

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